I have a bad (and good) feeling about this

Chapter 12 of the hit series had me put on my tin foil hat and get into conspiracy theories. There’s a lot looming in the distance for the remainder of the season, and I’m both excited and very nervous


The Mandalorian rejoins old allies for a new mission


This is SO the way

The third episode of the Mandalorian hit die-hard Star Wars fans with nostalgia and characters of old. Things are really beginning to settle in, as we see clues and context of the overshadowing conflict, villains, and how the storyline of season 2 will be resolved. It’s exciting stuff!

The Mandalorian…

The creepiest (and grossest) episode yet

We’re a bit late on this review, so it’ll be shorter as a result. I first wanted to address Chapter 9. My review was a bit harsh. After re-watching the episode, I realized it was a masterpiece. It was visually stunning. I liked how they expanded the role of the…

Breaking down Season 2’s beginning

We’re back!

For my new readers, welcome to the continuation of my Mandalorian series. Every week, I’ll be giving a review of each new episode to this series I fell in love with last year.

Let’s get back to what we know though. Synopsis from Disney+, breakdown, score!

The Mandalorian…

When Fortnite meets Harry Potter

There are three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and a multitude of battle royale games. Everyone wants to be the next Fortnite, and that’s okay! Even Fortnite had to beat out games like H1Z1 or PUBG. The battle royale genre has seen increased popularity and a peak interest in competitive…

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