Positivity Wednesday: Here Are Four Uplifting Stories

This article isn’t going to fix the world. It can’t change the past. It might not outweigh the hardships and problems we’re facing.

This is meant to display some positive things that have gone under the radar. They’re meant to show the good that’s going on, and remind us that even in the darkest of days, hope burns bright.

I legit should become a full time poet


Image from Labiotech

Thanks to a stem-cell transplant from doctors in the United Kingdom, a second person has been cured of HIV. To quote the article: “Following the transplant, and at 30 months after the person ceased antiretroviral therapy, doctors confirmed that the HIV viral load remained undetectable in blood samples. However, doctors warn that it’s a high risk procedure and currently only for HIV patients who “also have life threatening hematological [blood] malignancies.” That being said, it’s the first steps towards a long-term solution to HIV.


Image from Chicago Sun-Times

With the Shedd Aquarium closing in Chicago, staff members were allowed to release their rockhopper penguins around to explore the other exhibits. The caretakers say that giving the penguins new experiences helps to enrich and keep these birds healthy.

The videos are absolutely adorable.


Image from USA Today

He would walk 500 miles, and he would walk 500 more…

Simba the Canary mastiff walked from South Florida all the way to Michigan, over 1,000 yards, where he was rescued in Mt Morris. He had been missing for over two months. This story is the real life Homeward Bound (which I recommend if you’re stuck with nothing to do).


Image from MLB

Many NBA players and owners have been contributing money to pay their hourly workers, who for many of them need the job they have to put food on the table. NFL Star JJ Watt has also contributed.

The MLB has entered and pledged $30 million to help ballpark employees. Considering the multiple industries shutting down and businesses closing, it’s uplifting to see so many people in higher places stepping up to help out those in need.

The media focuses a lot on the bad. It’s just the reality of things. Make sure to spend some time looking for the good in everyday, even if it’s not news worthy.

As said by J.R Rowling: “Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”.




Emerging writer, storyteller and blogger, aspiring to create something incredible with words.

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Sam Stevenson

Sam Stevenson

Emerging writer, storyteller and blogger, aspiring to create something incredible with words.

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