The Mandalorian: Chapter 7 Review

We’re almost at the end of The Mandalorian’s first season, and I just have to say I haven’t had this much fun writing about a show in quite some time. This has been such a great and new exploration into an unknown portion of Star Wars, diving into a character with such a rich history and tons of intrique. And of course, Baby Yoda, who stole everyone’s hearts.

We also get a brief clip from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I don’t really have any comments on it, but hey, it’s there for those who are excited for the ending of the Skywalker Saga.

Synopsis, review. Let’s go!

An old rival extends an invitation for The Mandalorian to make peace.

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Deborah Chow is an phenomenial director. Her episodes she worked on for this show are so good- she ties up everything nicely, explains questions and plot holes this show has had, all while making my heart pound out of my chest in suspense. Great action, a cliff hanger ending, this episode was IN-CRED-ABLE, and Chow deserves a lot of recognition.

The show broke out of its shell. Different release date, different episode? What I mean is that for the first time all season, the good guys are in real trouble. Everything doesn’t work out as it has been in recent episodes. We’re left with the Mandalorian pinned down by a lot of bad guys, led by a newcomer that I have a theory on.

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I think Giancarlo Esposito is a Purge trooper. If you haven’t played Star Wars: Fallen Order, Purge troopers were assigned to help the Empire hunt down the remains of the Jedi Order. They were assigned to fallen Jedi, known as Inquisitors. It’s a stretch, but consider the age of Esposito’s character. If this show is taking place five years after the fall of the Empire, and Fallen Order took place five years after Revenge of the Sith, it’s totally plausible Esposito’s character is trying to bring Baby Yoda in to a much more powerful figure- maybe even Snoke from the new triology.

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It’s a total reach, but it’s fun to try and figure out the motivation behind these characters. I imagine we won’t learn his motives until Season 2 unfortunately. Love to speculate though!


I have absolutely no idea what sort of Force abilities Baby Yoda used, but it’s clear his species is extremely powerful. Here’s what I found on Force Healing from Wookieepedia: “Force healing, Force heal, or Cure was a power that used the Force to accelerate the natural healing process rapidly, and could be used to heal the most fatal of wounds and injuries.”

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Does nobody know what a Jedi is? It’s a tad annoying nobody has stopped and realized that Baby Yoda has the same abilities as, oh I dunno, Luke Skywalker? Does nobody know him???


Werner Herzog’s role is officially over, but he ended his streak with such a cool ending monologue. Whenever people think of Star Wars, there’s two basic thoughts: Rebels are good, Empire is evil. But the Empire did, in theory, bring order to the galaxy. I’m not saying I’m pro-Empire, but there is a reason the First Order came into power so easily: there’s no order during this show. That’s what makes it so interesting and allows these war lords to rise and fall so quickly, and it makes The Mandalorian that much better of a show.

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The gang’s all here in The Reckoning. We get Cara Dune, IG-11, and Kuiil. It’s nice that these characters actually play bigger roles in this show, I was getting sick of all these characters who kept being killed off.

Speaking of death, RIP Kuiil. He has spoken for the last time. One of the few good hearted characters in this show. I’ll miss his interactions with Pascal’s character and his brilliance.

I don’t trust Dune. There’s something off about her character. She got choked by Baby Yoda- while it may just be because she and the Mandalorian were arm wrestling, I think there’s more to it. Why was she suddenly so willing to go after Herzog’s character, risking getting caught and jailed? She was also extremely defensive with going with the Mandalorian when their plan is compromised. Also, how else would the Stormtroopers hear the Mandalorian’s com link and track down Kuiil? Maybe I’m all worked up from this episode- my anxiety is through the roof on Baby Yoda’s safety. Definitely something to keep in mind, however.

Let’s role into some finale predictions before giving this episode a score.


Baby Yoda is taken away, and Season 2 is about The Mandalorian hunting him down.

Carl Weathers character will die protecting the Mandalorian as his character arc ends on a redemptive mark.

IG-11 will see his new master dead, revert to his programming, and save the crew.

The other Mandalorians will come out of hiding, seeking revenge because this newcomer killed The Forger.

We get another flashback to the Mandalorian’s past, revealing the person who saves him.

Chapter 7 receives a high score of 9.7/10. By far the best episode of the show, we are left on such a cliff hanger for a hopefully action packed season finale. The Mandalorian is wrapping up, and as we almost end this season, may the lives of Baby Yoda and Mando not be ended!

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Sam Stevenson

Sam Stevenson

Emerging writer, storyteller and blogger, aspiring to create something incredible with words.

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